Pounder’s Beach / Laielohelohe Beach Park (Lā’ielohelohe)

Heavy waves and scenic views

The Beach

Looking for a nice beach with great bodyboarding conditions? Laie Beach Park, also known as Pounders Beach for its heavily crashing waves and strong currents, is a fun spot for those avid bodyboarders.

This shorter beach provides a clean environment with soft white sands for anyone looking to lounge on the beach or take a nice stroll with the family. There is also calmer areas in the water that offer you a place for swimming, but it is still best to be cautious when navigating Pounder’s shoreline. If you’re someone who is looking for a spot to stay dry while enjoying a beautiful view, Laie Beach Park has plenty of ironwood trees scattered around that provide optimal shade and scenic views.

Located nearby is Malaekahana Beach Campsite. With the campsite providing an abundance of spots to pitch a tent for only $13 per night as well as the option to rent out full size cabins, it is considered one of Oahu’s best camping grounds.

If your up for a little adventure, we recommend taking a trip to Lāʻie Point State Wayside. This is a spot that you’ll catch some scenic views of the ocean and the surrounding islands all while being safe enough to bring the whole family.

Excited to explore Laie’s surrounding region? Take a ride at CLIMB Works Keana Farms – Zipline Tour, where you can select a package to travel on multiple ziplines that guide you through this scenic area. Also nearby is Laie Falls Trail, a trail that leads to a breathtaking waterfall and pool with gorgeous views of the ocean.

Looking for a local restaurant nearby? There’s plenty of locations to choose from like Ken’s Fresh Fish whose ahi poke is to write home about, and Hukilau Cafe a nice relaxing cafe that was featured in the film 50 First Dates. There’s also Seven Brothers, a nearby local favorite burger joint offering excellent service and unbeatable prices.

Parking at Pounder’s Beach

At Laie Beach there’s parking in the lot and along Street. You also have the option to take the bus to a nearby stop. Bus Accessible (click for bus directions from your current location)

Activites at Pounder’s Beach

  • Sunbathing
  • Picnicking
  • Camping
  • Bodyboarding

Amenities at Pounder’s Beach

Laie Beach offers a great place for fun with your family and friends. Additionally, the surrounding area has many activities for you to explore.

  • Parking
  • Local Eats
  • Waterfall
  • Bus Accessible
  • Hike

Where to eat by Pounder’s Beach

There are a few great options for food nearby for dining in or for grabbing some grub to bring along.

  • Ken’s Fresh Fish (dine in/order to go)
  • Hukilau Cafe (dine in/order to go)
  • Seven Brothers (dine in/order to go)
  • Island Buffet and Prime Dining (dine in/order to go)
  • Pounders Restaurant (dine in/order to go)

Where to Stay