Kokololio Beach Park / Kaipapau Beach (Kaipapa’u)

Beach just south of Laie popular for camping

The Beach

Kokololio Beach Park is the perfect destination to gather with family and friends for a nice day of barbequing and grilling. It’s located right off the shores of Kaipapa’u Beach, a beach whose soft golden sands stretch just under one mile long and just a short drive away from the Polynesian Cultural Center. This North Shore park offers large spaces for picnicking, hosting small celebrations, and is well known as a prime spot for camping, so it’s best to get your camping permits in advance.

In the warm summer months you’ll find that the calm waters and beautiful sunset attract snorkelers, swimmers and beachgoers to Kokololio Beach Park in the early hours of the morning. Its tranquil nights also provide campers and visitors with Hawaii’s famous stargazing experience, giving you the chance to step outside the city and enjoy the vast nature surrounding you.

If you’re not looking to bring your own grilling gear, Kokololio Beach Park also offers some nearby eats like Tita’s Grill, Papa Ole’s Kitchen and North Shore Tacos. Grab a bite, and set up camp at one of the picnic tables while enjoying the gorgeous view of the blue waters.

Up for a little adventure and exercise? Hike through the Kaipapa’u Forest Reserve located just behind Kokololio Beach Park off of Kawaipuna Street and discover some breathtaking waterfalls.