Kahana Bay Beach Park

Beautiful Windward beach tucked into a bay

The Beach

Kahana Bay Beach Park is a beautifully serene spot, remotely located in the Northeast area of Oahu. Its beach wraps in the shape of a crescent moon, creating a bay that stretches over half a mile long. You’ll find visitors and locals coming here to fish, do some waterfront camping, and exploring the adjoining Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park, a park known for its vast rain forest trails.

Its soft sands, surrounding mountain landscapes and clean environment can be easily reached via the city bus, and offers the perfect destination for picnicking with the family, spending a short day trip, or a few nights outside of the busy city.

Many visitors choose Kahana Bay as their favorite destination for its large beachfront, calm waters and shallow surf that provide prime conditions for a little light swimming, canoeing or lounging in the warm sun. To catch a slow day at this park, plan your visit for a Sunday afternoon.