Lanikai Beach

World famous white sand beach

The Beach

Voted by numerous travel outlets as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches to visit, Lanikai Beach is like no other. With its powdered white sand, calm waters, and hotspot for turtle spotting it’s one of the most serene places on the planet.

Located in Kaʻōhao, a surferesque community in the town of Kailua, Lanikai sits on the eastern side of Oahu giving its early bird visitors an absolute breathtaking view of the sunrise. As for those who are night crawlers, this beach is positioned perfectly for watching the moonrise over the Mokulua islands, especially when a full moon is provided. It’s also far enough away from the city lights to go out for some stargazing in the later evening.

Low tides, azure blue waters, and a surprisingly not so overcrowded destination is what attracts locals and visitors alike to this mesmerizing location. Grab a kayak from Kailua Beach Rentals, and set sail to explore the surrounding area where you get a snorkeler’s view of the sea life through Lanikai’s crystal clear waters.

Getting Hungry? In the nearby surrounding vicinity you’ll find a few local-eats like Buzz’s Steakhouse (dine in/order to go) where you can grab a refreshing cocktail while snacking on some choice appetizers like their calamari steak or tempura french fries.

Have a furry animal friend joining you? Check out Kawai Nui Regional Park, an area with vast greenery that includes a dog park where you and your pet can catch some exercise while enjoying some fun in the sun.

Beach Activities

  • Wind Surfing
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming

Food Options Nearby

There are a few great options for food nearby for dining in or for grabbing some grub to bring along.

  • Buzz’s Steakhouse (dine in/order to go)
  • Kalapawai Market – Kailua (dine in/order to go)
  • Bob’s Pizzeria (dine in/order to go)
  • Good Coffee Place (dine in/order to go)
  • K and K Bar B-Que Inn (dine in/order to go)

Where to Stay


The Kaʻōhao’s community has some very narrow streets so parking is not always easy. Arriving early is recommended to avoid long wait times for parking spots.


Lanikai beach has it it all as far as amenities go. It is Bus Accessible (click for bus directions from your current location) and picnic tables making it a great place to go for the day to have lunch with family or friends.

  • Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Picnic Tables
  • Showers
  • Bus Accessible
  • Boat Ramp