Crouching Lion Trail

Short, steep hike with beautiful views of Kahana Bay

Moderate0.4 mi / 1-1.5 hrs216 ftOut & Back

The Hike

Crouching Lion is a short and steep hike located on the Windward coast of Oahu that offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Kahana Bay. It get’s it’s name from a rock formation that looks like a lion laying down that’s visible near the end of the hike. In addition to the short route, there’s a much more challenging 4-mile route that loops along the ridge. Even the shorter hike is pretty steep though so you’ll want to bring good hiking shoes. Watch your step on the way down, the dirt and gravel can be a loose and easy to slip on, so take your time. With the steep incline and texture of the ground, it’s best to do this hike when it’s dry.

The Route