Kaaawa Beach Park (Kaʻaʻawa)

Calm, Quiet, Fun

The Beach

Ka’a’awa Beach Park stretches roughly 2-acres across Oahu’s Windward Coast. Its one of Oahu’s off-the-road beaches that’s frequented by the locals indulging in the gorgeous views of the crystal clear blue water and surrounding mountains. Many travelers enjoy coming here for its calm atmosphere and picturesque views. It’s been referred to as a little slice of paradise similar to a smaller, less busy Lanakai.

Although Ka’a’awa doesn’t have the largest plot of land, this not so overcrowded park is a great site for you to bring your camping gear and spend a couple nights. You might also find locals casting their fishing poles off the shoreline, for this is a prime spot to find he’e (octopus). If you have little ones, or as the Hawaiians call them “keiki”, Ka’a’awa’s shallow waters provide you a safe place for your kids to splash and play while you soak in the sun.

Ka’a’awa is also within walking distance of some local eats. If you’re looking for a bigger meal, Unko Rays Bar and Grill is your next stop shop, or if you’re looking for some refreshing dessert, stop by the modestly named Great Cold Coconuts and Shaved Ice.

Check out Kalaeoio Beach Park for another quiet destination that offers a similar atmosphere just a short distance from Kaaawa.