Valley of the Temples

Tranquil valley with a Zen garden, koi ponds and Buddhist temple

About Valley of the Temples

If you’re ready for a day away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and you’re all beached out, take a trip to the Valley of the Temples. This serene valley tucked up against the lush green mountains boasts a Zen garden, meditation pavilion, and Shinji-ike reflection pond with koi fish. But the highlight of the grounds is the Byodo-in temple, a replica of the famous 11th century Byōdō-in temple in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan. Before you enter the temple, make sure you ring the bon-sho, or “sacred bell”. The beautiful tones of the bon-sho are said to clear the mind of negativity and bring a tranquility ideal for meditation while in the temple.