Nuuanu Pali Lookout (Nu’uanu)

Beautiful lookout spot from edge of the Koolau's onto the Windward side

The Lookout

This spot gets its name from the Hawaiian words “nu’u”, “anu”, and “pali”; which translate to “height”, “cool”, and “cliffs”, respectively. Which is exactly what you’ll get here – high chilly cliffs. Sitting 1200 feet above sea level, and towering over the neighborhood’s below, the views are expansive. Take in the Windward towns of Kailua and Kaneohe, the island of Mokolii (known as Chinaman’s Hat), and an panoramic view of the ocean. Because it’s situated right at the opening between the Windward and South sides of the island, you’re likely to encounter chilly, howling winds here. As the trade winds hit the face of the mountain this is their first opening to the other side at the island.

The History of Nuuanu Pali Lookout

This spot also has a hallowed place in Hawaiian history as well, as it’s the site of the Battle of Nuuanu at which the revered King Kamehameha I united the island of Oahu in 1795. It was also the location people built the first direct route from the Windward side of the island to Honolulu in the mid 1800’s. While they were building the road, in 1898, workers found 800 humans skulls, thought to be the remains of the warriors that perished in the famous battle over a hundred years earlier.

The Parking at Nuuanu Pali Lookout

There’s a parking lot right at the front of the lookout.

Parking Fee
$7 for Non-Residents
Free for Residents

The Weather at Nuuanu Pali Lookout

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