Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

Popular nature reserve with Honu and other sea life

The Beach

Today Hanauma Bay is one of Oahu’s most popular tourist destinations. This location has an average of 3000 visitors each day, with Tuesday’s being an off day for the area so that the fish and other sea life are allowed the chance for feeding without any disturbances from swimmers.

In 2002, the Marine Education Center was opened next to the entrance. Visitors are required to watch a short film on instructions for preserving the areas natural ecosystem before being allowed to enter the bay area. Once you’ve watched the film, you’re all set to go. If you’ve brought your own gear to snorkel you can start navigating through the various reefs, but it is wise to be cautious of unexpected currents. If you don’t want to buy any gear, no problem, Hanauma provides plenty of gear for rental at a reasonable price.

There’s tons of unique creatures swimming through the waters like Honu Green Sea Turtles, and the Uhu Buttlehead Parrotfish. This gem is an absolute must see, as you’re guaranteed to remember your visit long after leaving. If you’re someone who isn’t big on swimming, the bay still provides you with spectacular views of the ocean and a nice beach to lounge in the sun.

Yearning to explore Hanauma Bay’s surrounding region? Checkout the Halona Blowhole and Halona Beach Cove. Also nearby is the Koko Head Crater, a moderate hike that will lead you to a scenic view of the southern side of Oahu. If you’re looking for something a little more moderate, we recommend taking a trip to the Koko Crater Botanical Garden, where you’ll get to see some of Hawaii’s illustrious forestry planted in a 60-acre radius.

Is the sight of all the fish causing your stomach to rumble? In the nearby surrounding area you’ll find a few local-eats like Ono Seafood/ Poke Bowl Patrol (dine in/order to go) where you can grab variant styles of fresh local poke. If you’re up for a short drive to the Hawaii Kai area, you’ll have ample options for dining like the Koa Pancake House which offers delicious breakfast options for a low price.

Hanauma Bay Parking

At Hanauma Bay there’s ample parking offered in the lot. You also have the option to take the bus directly to the entrance. Bus Accessible (click for bus directions from your current location)


  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkeling


  • Parking
  • Local Eats
  • Bus Accessible

Food Options Nearby

There are a few great options for food nearby for dining in or for grabbing some grub to bring along.

  • Ono Seafood/ Poke Bowl Patrol (dine in/order to go)
  • Koa Pancake House (dine in/order to go)
  • Liko’s Tap & Table (dine in/order to go)
  • Hana Sushi (dine in/order to go)

Where to Stay