Ono Seafood, Kapahulu

Simply some of the best poke bowls made with fresh ingredients every day

‘Ono in the Hawaiian language translates to delicious. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Ono Seafood. This local secret sells some of the best fresh poke on the island. A classic hole-in-the-wall restaurant that makes it’s name on the quality of the food. Many poke places use previously frozen fish to make premade dishes in bulk. Not at Ono. You can expect fresh fish everyday and made-to-order bowls with fresh ingredients will keep the crisp of the onions, flavor of the marinade, and most importantly the tenderness of the fish fresh and ready for that first delicious bite you take. Started back in 1995, Ono Seafood’s reputation with the poke lovers of the island is strong. A family run business, they say “We are a tradition, not a trend”.

Their menu includes Fresh Ahi & Tako Poke, Premium Sashimi, dried fish, smoked fish, pickled products, boiled peanuts and more.